You'll find our ten regular beers on tap at every BJ's, plus several seasonal or specialty beers. Whatever your beer preference, we have the perfect brew for you!

BJ's Craft Beers on Tap

BJ's Brewmaster's Reserve Goliath™ Imperial Red Ale

BJ’s Brewmaster’s Reserve™ is a line of proprietary craft beers made with premium ingredients and bolder taste profiles.  BJ’s Goliath

Abbey Normal®

Abbey Normal® is what the Belgian's call a Dubbel (or Double Ale), which is the most popular style of Abbey Ale.  This historic beer style is traditionally brewed by Trappist Monks in Belgium.  A full-bodied, light brown ale with a fruity flavor profile, the unique bouquet of fruit and spice comes from fermentation with an authentic Trappist yeast.

BJ's Camaraderie® Ale

Brewed in Belgium! BJ's Camaraderie® Ale is a Belgo-American Pale Ale collaboration from BJ's and the historic Bavik Brewery.

BJ's® Studio Session IPA

For hop lovers! Cascade and Falconer’s Flight hops contribute intense tropical fruit, citrus and floral flavors. Dry and refreshing from start to finish, with a smooth and crisp bitterness. Lighter body and lower alcohol content than a regular IPA.

Brewhouse Blonde®

A light and refreshing pale beer in the style of a German Kolsch. Slightly malty with delicate hopping to balance. Well-conditioned for exceptional smoothness and drinkability.

BJ's Brewmaster's Reserve™ Double IPA

BJ’s Brewmaster’s Reserve™ is a line of proprietary craft beers made with premium ingredients and bolder taste profiles.  A robust IPA with smooth drinkability, the Double IPA has a pronounced hop character with fruity, earthy notes.

BJ's Hoppy Scotsman™

A collaboration between the brewers at BJ’s and the historic Caledonian Brewery in Scotland. This one-of-a-kind brew perfectly balances the rich flavors of Scottish malts and yeast with American hops.

BJ's Annual Grand Cru

First brewed to celebrate the new millennium, BJ’s Annual Grand Cru has been an annual tradition ever since. This strong Belgian-style ale is brewed with imported Belgian malts and some secret ingredients, resulting in a malty character with a whirlwind of fruit and spice flavors.

LightSwitch® Lager

LightSwitch® is BJ’s mildest beer. This is BJ’s alternative to mass-produced light beers that lack flavor. At just 103 calories per 12-oz serving, LightSwitch is comparable in calories to Bud, Miller and Coors Light. The difference is that LightSwitch is an all-malt beer (no rice or corn) and it’s unpasteurized. We use German Hallertau hops for their pleasant aroma and to balance the mild malt flavor with a clean dry finish. The end result is a fresh and flavorful light beer with refreshing and smooth drinkability.

Nit Wit®

Nit Wit is a traditional Belgian-style witbier. Unfiltered and spiced with orange peel and coriander. Immensely refreshing and flavorful.

Harvest Hefeweizen®

Not just another wheat beer. This award-winning hefeweizen is fermented with an authentic Bavarian weizen yeast to produce its unique flavor profile — fruity, spicy and refreshing. Try it without a lemon!

HopStorm® IPA

BJ's own handcrafted classic American-style India Pale Ale made with six hop varieties.  An intense hop aroma with balanced bitterness.

Field Day IPA™

Hopped with fresh, wet Oregon hops

Once a year, brewers pick hops at their peak, fresh from the fields, and deliver them to the brewery within hours. Same-day freshness brings the crisp, earthy hop flavor to life. This annual small batch IPA is truly a limited release to be enjoyed before it's gone! 

BJ's Oktoberfest™

This traditional seasonal lager has a malty, toasty character with a mild hop bitterness in the finish. Amber in color, medium-bodied and very smooth from a long lagering process.

Piranha® Pale Ale

Winner of multiple awards, including a Silver Medal in American-Style Pale Ales at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival. This hoppy ale is dry-hopped with the snappy flavor and bite of Cascade hops…for hopheads only!

BJ's Oasis® Amber

A great everyday beer that’s smooth and not too hoppy or bitter. Easy drinking and fresh tasting, fairly low in alcohol but full of delicious malty flavor.

Pumpkin Ale™

A spicy finish balances this fresh, flavorful ale's sweet start, while a combination of specialty malts adds a beautiful hue. BJ's Pumkin Ale is the ultimate fall beer. Available for a limited time only. 


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Nutty Brewnette®

Nutty Brewnette® is an American-style brown ale. A blend of four different dark malts contributes to a flavor profile that is sweet with “nutty” notes. A healthy dose of hops makes this beer hoppier and more balanced than most English brown ales.

Jeremiah Red®

A Silver Medal winner in Strong Ales at the 1996 Great American Beer Festival. This Irish-style strong ale is brewed with a secret blend of five imported specialty malts. Not too hoppy in order to emphasize the complex malt flavor and fruity aroma.

BJ's PM Porter®

This award-winning dark ale is surprisingly smooth and drinkable. Caramel, molasses and chocolate flavors fill the palate. Its sweet start is perfectly balanced by a roasted dry finish. Nitrogen-conditioned.

Tatonka® Stout

An imperial stout — a classic style so rich and flavorful that it was once the private beverage of Russian Czars. The profile is malty sweet, hop bitter roasted, full-bodied, alcoholic and deliciously complex. Beer doesn’t get much more intense than this!

Pook's® Pilsner

Featuring intensely aromatic and flavorful notes, Pook's Pilsner is a crisp, smooth German-style pilsner made with the best German malts, noble hops and lager yeast.

Berry Burst Cider®

Gluten-free! Made with a blend of raspberries, blackberries and other wild berries for a unique taste experience. The intensely aromatic and deliciously sweet medley of flavors is balanced by a pleasantly tart and dry finish.