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Commitment to Quality

High Quality Ingredients

BJ’s uses fresh produce and offers our guests a variety of handmade dishes, including our fresh guacamole, hand-rolled avocado eggrolls, and hand-breaded parmesan crusted chicken, just to name a few. 
We serve line-caught ahi, wild mahi mahi from the South Pacific, and fresh, hand-cut salmon.  We source Peruvian quinoa from the Andes. 
We serve bison raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.  Our suppliers abide by federal regulations that prohibit the use of hormones in raising pork, poultry, and bison.  We also ensure that all of our products are free from MSG and artificial trans fats. 
 BJ’s Enlightened Entrees® and Enlightened Cocktails®, as well as our expansive gluten-free and vegetarian options, give our guests the opportunity to eat cleaner and healthier than ever in BJ’s history.  Our more than 15 Enlightened Entrees® under 795 calories allow our guests to enjoy delicious meals without the guilt.  Our handcrafted sodas with natural flavors and no artificial flavors leave our guests wanting one more drink.  With a focus on preserving taste while reducing fat, calories, and salt, we want our guests to make every bite count. 


Commitment to Quality

Environmental Stewardship

Supply Chain Integrity

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