6 breweries with over 160 award-winning handcrafted beers.

Crafting Legends since 1996

For over 20 years we’ve paid close attention to every little detail of our brewing process. As a result, we offer 11 award-winning signature beers and cider on tap. In addition, we release over 10 rotating seasonal beers throughout the year to our lineup so you can enjoy a refreshing change of pace. We’ve basically got a beer for everyone, and any occasion.

 Today we operate 6 breweries in 5 different states. We pride ourselves in crafting the highest quality beer for our customers to enjoy. Because we take our time perfecting our brewing process, so you can make the most of every glass.


Celebrating 20 Years of Brewing Heritage

Dinner’s Better With Beer

At BJ’s we want to make the time you choose to spend here count. And since seasons are fleeting, we’re proud to offer seasonal beer dinners which feature a variety of beers perfectly paired with our tasty dishes, all the while learning about the craft behind the brews you’re drinking.

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Experimental Brewing

Boulder, Colorado is a great place to be if you love craft beer. Ingenuity and experimentation abound there, which is why our Boulder brewery acts as our experimental brewhouse. It’s where we explore the unknown to bring you the best beer possible. We’re constantly pushing the limits of beer making in order to craft you something that is worthy of your time. In fact, we test over 150 beers each year and only a select few are released nationally.

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The Great American Beer Festival, like the name suggests, is the biggest beer festival in the United States. Not only do thousands of people come to sample all sorts of beer, but hundreds of breweries enter their beers into the competition that awards medals in 92 different beer-style categories. 

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