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Beer is a big part of who we are at BJ’s, and each month our talented team of brewers will share their thoughts and insights into the wonderful world of beer in What’s Brewing at BJ’s. 

BJ’s Nit Wit

While many associate Wheat Beers with Germany, the Belgians put their own spin on a beer incorporating wheat over 400 years ago—Witbier! This now traditional ale of moderate gravity and strength gained its defining characteristics not only from the copious use of wheat and Pilsner malts, but also from the additions of bitter orange peel and coriander. These additions accentuate the fruity aromas and spicy refreshing profile generated by the traditional Belgian yeast strain used to ferment one of our most awarded seasonal beers: BJ’s Nit Wit®. 

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2022 Zany Zitrus

It’s always interesting to see how new beer styles evolve from their infancy, and the New England-style IPA is no exception. At BJ’s it culminated in BJ’s Zany Zitrus years ago, the bitter, clear West Coast IPA dominated the scene. But there were whispers about flavorful, hoppy, cloudy beers coming from the East Coast. There was a lot of gray area as to what these beers would become. Some people were brewing Hefeweizens with lots of...

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The Making of Prickly Pear Honey Wheat Ale

As the winter fades and spring draws near, the time to brew one of our favorite seasonal beers is upon us. Prickly Pear Honey Wheat Ale is back! This seasonal is an American style Wheat Ale that is dry-hopped with Loral hops and infused with the fruit of a prickly pear cactus.

Keep Reading The Making of Prickly Pear Honey Wheat Ale

Our Award-Winning Oktoberfest Is All About How It’s Brewed!

It’s that time of year again—time for my favorite seasonal, Oktoberfest! This seasonal is brewed as a traditional Marzen. The beer is brewed in March, then lagered until…

Keep Reading Our Award-Winning Oktoberfest Is All About How It’s Brewed!


For this year’s annual collaboration, the BJ's Brewing Team had the opportunity to work with one of the pioneers in craft beer, Sierra Nevada. When I was first told about this possibility, I was excited to say the least…


Have you checked out Beer Guys Radio?

I sure enjoyed sharing several BJ’s beers with the Beer Guys, Tim and Brian. They live and breathe craft beer…

Keep Reading Have you checked out Beer Guys Radio?

Celebrating 25 years of brewing with BJ’s Silver Bock

BJ’s Silver Bock™ is the beer our brewing team chose to celebrate a very special anniversary—25 years of brewing! It sure doesn’t feel like that long ago that we brewed our first batches of beer in Brea, California…

Keep Reading Celebrating 25 years of brewing with BJ’s Silver Bock

Introducing BJ's Brewhouse Beer Club

The new BJ’s Brewhouse Beer Club has been on my mind a lot lately, even in my dreams. Of course I’ve been thinking (and dreaming) about the beers, both upcoming releases and what we might add for next year and beyond…

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The experience starts with your eyes–the beautiful golden color and frothy head. Then the nose—Saaz hops! Pleasantly spicy, herbal, earthy and slightly grassy…

Keep Reading Our Newest Seasonal Beer: BJs ENCHANTRESS GOLDEN PILSNER

Our Newest Gold Medal Winner

Great news for fans of great beer—our newest Gold Medal Winner, BJ’s A&M Honey Bock, is officially on tap! This beer was a particular labor of love for me. In 2018, I visited Northern Bavaria…

Keep Reading Our Newest Gold Medal Winner

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