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BJ's Brewhouse Blonde® - American Craft Beer Week

In celebration of American Craft Beer Week; a truly great week indeed, we are featuring some of the craft beers that we serve at every BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse. The first of our featured beers is none other than BJ’s Brewhouse Blonde®. This beer is what we call a German-style Kolsch. I first tasted a Kolsch in Cologne, Germany when traveling with my wife. I immediately fell in love with this style of beer and knew that I wanted to bring it back to BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse in the U.S.

We’ve created a beer that is light and refreshing, slightly malty with a delicate hopping balance, and one that is exceptionally smooth with easy drinkability. I often like to call BJ’s Brewhouse Blonde® our “gateway beer”. This is simply because our blonde is so easy to drink that almost anyone, even someone new to craft beer, can appreciate and enjoy it. A few pints of BJ’s Brewhouse Blonde is a great way to get started in the world of good beer drinking.

We’ve been lucky enough to receive 3 medals for BJ’s Brewhouse Blonde, including the Gold medal for Kolsch at the 2010 North American Beer Awards.

BJ’s Brewhouse Blonde can be enjoyed singularly, but as with most beers, pairing it with food really creates a tasteful experience. Our Blonde pairs great with almost all of BJ’s chicken and seafood dishes, however, the best pairing has to be with BJ’s Fish ‘N’ Chips. In fact, this dish is actually titled BJ’s Brewhouse Blonde Fish ‘N’ Chips as we use the beer in the batter for the fish. A pint of Blonde and our Fish ‘N’ Chips together is a real treat.

In short, BJ’s Brewhouse Blonde® is a beer that everyone can enjoy on some level and we are proud to have this beer as one of our signature beers on tap!

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