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BJ's Goliath™ Imperial Red Ale

Years ago, the Four Peaks Brewing Company in Arizona issued a challenge to all the breweries participating in the Arizona Craft Beer Week: brew a red ale with 20 SRM in color, original gravity of 20 Plato, and hop bitterness of 80 IBU’s. BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse was among the participants, and our brewing team was eager to take on the challenge. Once we put our minds to it, we nailed it! Our red ale came the closest to the specs laid down by the Four Peaks Brewing Company, and created a great amount of buzz among all those who tasted it. With so many craft beer enthusiasts raving about this new champion of an ale, we decided to bring it back the next year. And thus, BJ’s Goliath™ Imperial Red Ale was born.

Now, note that  BJ’s Goliath is the same Imperial Red Ale that you loved in the Spring of 2013, we’ve just given it a name more reflective of its strong character. So, why Goliath? Well, BJ’s Goliath is in many ways the giant big brother of BJ’s Jeremiah Red®. Jeremiah is an ancient, regal name. So an ancient, regal name that suggests mass, like Goliath, fit perfectly. When we decided to create a logo for BJ’s Goliath, we wanted to be sure that it expressed boldness and strength, just like the flavor of this bold amber; we’re pretty happy with how it turned out!

BJ’s Goliath Imperial Red Ale is brewed with six different malts and a special blend of American hops to produce an ale that is quite hoppy, but with a strong malty backbone to balance the hops perfectly. BJ’s Goliath Imperial Red Ale is truly a bold beer, and therefore should be paired with dishes with bold flavors. We suggest enjoying BJ’s Goliath with our Pepperoni Extreme Pizza, Roast Beef Dip Sandwich, or our Crispy Jalapeno Burger, or any BJ’s dish with big flavors. Of course, BJ’s Goliath Imperial Red Ale is such a huge treat of a beer that it can be enjoyed all on its own! As the first beer in our 2014 Brewmaster’s Reserve series, Goliath is only available for a limited time while supplies last. Come to BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse soon to face this giant!

Brewmaster’s Reserve Goliath Imperial Red Ale Label Art

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