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Our Award-Winning Oktoberfest Is All About How It’s Brewed!

It’s that time of year again—time for my favorite seasonal, Oktoberfest! This seasonal is brewed as a traditional Marzen. The beer is brewed in March, then lagered until August when we bring it out to package it. We brew the beer with all German specialty grains and German hops. Then we use a traditional lager yeast to ferment it.

This beer is more about how it is brewed, and less about following the latest trend in hops, yeast or flavoring, and that’s why it’s my favorite. Taking the time to brew it to style makes all the difference and allows it to really stand out.

Another way this beer stands out this year is with its new logo. It still contains the traditional German countryside background, but the focal point now is a more contemporary and festive Oktoberfest fan.

Due to the time spent lagering the Oktoberfest, it mellows and blends the flavors of the beer to make a smooth, well-rounded flavor. The biscuity, caramel notes of the malts blend very well with the slightly earthy, grassy notes of the Hallertau Tradition hops. All these flavors blend together into a complex, smooth beer that is very easy to drink. We’re offering this beer on tap and in 6-packs to go, so you can drink it at home or when you’re out.


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