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Field Day IPA™ Hop Harvest this Friday 08/22!

It’s that time again, Field Day IPA™ time! Every year, we brew this very special IPA and savor its short life until it is gone in just a matter of weeks. Those that know Field Day IPA love it and can hardly wait for it to be tapped. For those of you that don’t know, what makes Field Day IPA so special is that it is a wet-hopped beer which creates a very distinctive beer. You see, most beers are brewed with dried hops because hops spoil within hours of picking, so in an effort to maintain the pleasant aroma and flavor the hops are dried immediately. With a wet-hopped beer like Field Day IPA, the hops are picked and thrown into the fermenters within hours of being picked. This technique allows for an unusually and brilliantly fresh tasting IPA, and this is why Field Day IPA has been such a hit with our guests in the past.

Each year, we head out to a hop farm, pick our hops, and quickly drive those hops to the brewery to be added to the beer. This year, we are headed to Crosby Hop Farm, LLC. in Woodburn, OR to harvest our hops for Field Day IPA. Crosby Hop Farm is located in Willamette Valley, nestled in between the Cascade Mountains and the Oregon coast. The region possesses a Bavarian-like climate, which is an ideal hop growing environment. This farm has been producing some of the finest hops around since 1900, started by Albert and Mary Crosby. 5 generations later, Blake Crosby is still keeping the hop farming tradition alive and we are honored to be able to harvest from their farm.

We will be picking the hops for Field Day IPA on Friday, August 22nd from dawn till midday. You can follow our progress by following us on Twitter @bjsrestaurants and/or searching the hashtag #fielddayipa. Looking forward to a great harvest, and an incredible beer, tapping September 9th!

Follow the hop harvest for BJ’s Field Day IPA at the hop farm

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