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Introducing BJ's Brewhouse Beer Club

The new BJ’s Brewhouse Beer Club has been on my mind a lot lately, even in my dreams. Of course I’ve been thinking (and dreaming) about the beers, both upcoming releases and what we might add for next year and beyond.

But I also can’t stop thinking about is what an amazing value is found in each Beer Club pickup. Our brewing team’s focus has been on making sure that the exclusive beers in each release are well worth $30. Indeed, every two months members get two different beers, usually one a corked, bottle-conditioned 750 ml bottle and the other a 4-pack of 16 oz. cans. The bottle will be something really special, on the strong side and well-aged, able to be enjoyed right away or cellared like fine wine. The 4-pack will be completely different from the bottled beer—IPAs of all kinds (hazy, double, triple, fruit-infused, black, brut), lagers from pilsner to bock, fruit beers, sour beers and more. In addition to traditional styles,  we will introduce super creative or rare beer styles that offer flavor experiences you’ve never experienced before.

Where are all these beer recipes coming from? We’ve got quite a pipeline of experimental beers coming, thanks to our R&D Brewmaster Aaron Stueck and the rest of our talented team. These are beers that often are too expensive to brew on a large scale for our restaurant guests. Some are too flavorful or out-of-the-ordinary for your average beer drinker.

But that’s not all! On top of the exclusive beers that are easily worth more than $30 already, you also get some awesome perks. The best one for regular beer drinkers like me is the upgrade to 20 oz. beer every time you order a BJ’s pint. The $5 growler refills is another nice perk. You even get food perks—an appetizer, Pizookie® and large deep dish pizza every 2 months.

All that for $30? That seems crazy to me. Could be the best deal on earth.

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Currently available in California only, excluding our Laguna Beach, Palmdale, Salinas and Westwood locations.

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