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Jeremiah Red® - American Craft Beer Week


We couldn’t have it be American Craft Beer Week and not feature one of our fans absolute favorite beers: Jeremiah Red®. This Irish-style strong ale was the beer that earned BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse our first ever medal: the Silver Medal for Strong Ale at the 1996 Great American Beer Festival. And so, this beer is the one that really established our mission of brewing award winning craft beers.

Jeremiah Red is brewed with 5 unique Belgian malts that create the rich garnet color that identifies Jeremiah Red. Furthermore, this combination of malts works naturally together to create a strong cherry note in this beer, though no cherries or similar fruits are actually infused in this beer. Jeremiah Red is not too hoppy and has a strong focus on the complex malt flavor and the fruity aroma. This Irish-style strong ale is beautifully smooth and very drinkable. In other words, it has a lot going for it which is why our fans are just big Jeremiah Red advocates!

Jeremiah Red is very, well, red. And because of this, it pairs beautifully with red meat dishes just as red wine does. Additionally, we use Jeremiah Red in the barbeque sauces that go onto our Baby Back Pork Ribs, Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwich, and all the tasty dishes on BJ’s Barbeque Lunch Platter. A pint of Jeremiah Red therefore pairs perfectly with any of these dishes.

We are very proud to always have Jeremiah Red on tap at BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. This is a beer that people continue to respond well to and look forward to having when they are ready to relax and unwind at our restaurants.

BJ's Jeremiah Red Craft Beer Logo

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