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Piranha® Pale Ale - American Craft Beer Week


There is no better beer to feature during American Craft Beer Week than our American-Style Pale Ale: Piranha® Pale Ale. This acclaimed ale has won 8 medals in the category of American-Style Pale Ales at multiple award competitions and festivals. Piranha is always on tap as one of our Signature Beers.

Piranha is beautifully hoppy ale that is dry-hopped after fermentation with Cascade hops for an even snappier flavor and bite. The aroma is intense with notes of citrus, pine and fresh-cut grass. A pint of Piranha perfectly complements spicy foods and cools the palate. We recommend enjoying a pint of Piranha with dishes like New Orleans Jambalaya, our Crispy Jalapeno Burger, or our Buffalo Chicken Deep Dish Pizza. Of course, if you’re a hoppy beer lover looking for an exciting beer to enjoy on its own, then Piranha is for you.

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