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The Right Beer at the Right Time!

All you beer fans will be happy to know that we are currently serving our late winter seasonal brew Oasis Amber in our restaurants. This wonderful American Amber Ale was introduced in 2010 and is already proving to be a favorite among our guests.

Why do you think that is? Well, historically the group of beer styles that make up the Amber category, which includes Amber lagers, has been one of the most popular with craft beer drinkers. But as we look forward to the end of this blustery winter and the redemption of spring, Oasis Amber is the right beer at the right time.

Amber is the American term used to describe a variety of beers that range in color from light golden to deep red. The style Amber Ale itself overlaps somewhat with the American Pale Ale style. Indeed, before the turn of the 20th century it branched off from the Pale Ale category to become a style onto itself. Amber ales now tend to have stronger caramel flavors and more body and are usually darker and have balance between maltiness and bitterness; whereas Pale Ales are balanced toward strong hop flavor and hop bitterness.

Oasis Amber is an American Amber Ale. The strength and flavor profile of American Amber Ales varies as much as the color does. You could argue that Jeremiah Red, our wildly popular Strong Red Ale, also qualifies as an American Amber Ale. But we prefer to call Jeremiah an Irish-style Red Ale because it is so big and malty that it lacks the balance that defines most American Amber Ales. I think you’ll find that the fresh clean taste of the Oasis Amber is not too hoppy and not too malty. It’s easy to drink and its rich copper hue is more than pleasing to the eye.

Oasis Amber is brewed with only the finest ingredients, as are all of our beers. This beer owes its color to the select caramel malt and the finest two-row malted barley available in the Americas. The hops are two American-grown varieties, Summit and Willamette, used in moderation. The clean-fermenting yeast is the most popular American ale strain, known as “Chico” yeast because it is Sierra Nevada’s house strain.

The American Craft Beer Industry offers many fine Amber ales; some of the best in the world and Oasis Amber stands just as tall as any and perhaps taller than most. But don’t take my word for it. Run out to your nearest BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse and try some for yourself and tell us what you think.

When you do head into our restaurant to give Oasis a taste, try pairing it with some of the many items on the menu. Some of my favorites to pair with Oasis are:

Grilled Ham & Cheese
Tuscan Tomato Bisque
Margherita Fresca Flatbread
Fresh Basil with Italian Sausage Flatbread
Cheese & Tomato Pizza
BJ’s Favorite Pizza
BJ’s Classic Combo Pizza
Angel Hair Toscana

Now these are just a few suggestions. The fact is that Oasis Amber is so drinkable you will find that it will go with most of our menu items.

So join us at BJ’s and we’ll roll out the red carpet. Oasis Amber is only available for a limited time through mid-March so the sooner you get here to drink some the better you’ll feel for not having missed out on this great example of American Amber Ale. See for yourself why this is the right beer at the right time.

We’ll see you soon.


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