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Beer is a big part of who we are at BJ’s, and each month our talented team of brewers will share their thoughts and insights into the wonderful world of beer in What’s Brewing at BJ’s. 

American Craft Beer Week

For those of you who haven’t seen somewhere on social media already, this week of May 11th-17th has officially been deemed American Craft Beer Week! For beer lovers across our country, this is a week to celebrate American Craft Beer and those that brew it.

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NitWit® Belgian-Style Witbier

We are thrilled to have tapped a seasonal favorite that has been away for a little while; welcome the return of NitWit®! This refreshing seasonal beer is a traditional Belgian-style Witbier that literally means “White Beer”, and it is phenomenal.

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Committed™ Double IPA

In the past couple of years, IPAs have taken America by storm. Everywhere you look, there are more and more IPAs popping up. As IPAs continue to gain popularity, Hop Heads all over the country are experimenting with recipes that take IPAs to new levels of intensity--higher IBUs and ABVs. It’s a fun and exciting brew-movement that we at BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse decided lines up nicely with our philosophy to constantly push the envelope. After doing some experimenting of our own, we finally landed on a wickedly good recipe for a Double IPA that is a Hop Head’s dream. We proudly introduce this new and intense brew: Committed™ Double IPA.

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15th Annual Grand Cru Beer

If you frequent BJ’s Restaurant & Brewhouse around the holiday season, then you are probably familiar with BJ’s Grand Cru and are looking forward to its return this season. While you wait, here’s the story behind this sensational Belgian Style Pale Strong Ale that we have all come to crave, savor and love.

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BJ's Pumpkin Ale™

Fall is here, and that means that our palettes are beginning to crave certain flavors. One of the biggest of those flavors: PUMPKIN. Since the start of September we’ve seen all things pumpkin-spiced or pumpkin-infused: it’s in coffee, it’s in bread, it’s in pastries, it’s in ravioli, and of course, it’s in one of our most popular seasonal beers: BJ’s Pumpkin Ale™. A great deal of excitement surrounds this seasonal favorite every year, and this year is no exception.

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Field Day IPA™ 2014

If you follow @bjsrestaurants on Twitter, then you probably saw that on Friday August 22nd, the BJ’s Brew team headed out to the Crosby Hop Farm, LLC in beautiful Woodburn, OR to harvest all the hops for our seasonal, Field Day IPA™. We had a truly spectacular harvest. We worked from before the sunrise ‘til mid-afterno...

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Goose Island® Beer Tasting & Dinner

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA MONDAY AUGUST 18, 2014 – Once every quarter of the business year, we host a beer tasting and dinner. Makes sense right? Some of you may be aware that we have these recurring beer dinner events, for others it might be news. In any event, we are really proud to offer these unique dinners for our guests to have the chance to taste beer and food together the way they were meant to be tasted.

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Field Day IPA™ Hop Harvest this Friday 08/22!

It’s that time again, Field Day IPA™ time! Every year, we brew this very special IPA and savor its short life until it is gone in just a matter of weeks. Those that know Field Day IPA love it and can hardly wait for it to be tapped. For those of you that don’t know, what makes Field Day IPA so special is that it is a wet-hopped beer which creates a very distinctive beer. You see, most beers are brewed with dried hops because hops spoil within hours of picking, so in an effort to maintain the pleasant aroma and flavor the hops are dried immediately. With a wet-hopped beer like Field Day IPA, the hops are picked and thrown into the fermenters within hours of being picked. This technique allows for an unusually and brilliantly fresh tasting IPA, and this is why Field Day IPA has been such a hit with our guests in the past.

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BJ's® Studio Session IPA

We at BJ’s are thrilled to announce the release of our first Session IPA: BJ’s® Studio Session IPA. Now, before we go any further, we are sure that some of you are wondering: what is a Session IPA? Well, in short, it is a beer that is generally lower than 5% ABV; but with a bold, hoppy, flavorful taste profile that make IPA’s so desirable. A Session IPA is an IPA with all the hop flavor and bitterness of an IPA, like BJ’s HopStorm® IPA, but less alcohol so you can enjoy more of it over a period of time with all the hop flavors you love. Also, it is a beer that is purposely out of balance; a light body beer with overemphasized hops.

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2014 North American Beer Awards

The North American Beer Awards (NABA) were held this past Saturday June 6th, 2014. This was the 18th year for the awards, hosted by the North American Brewers Association. Judging took place last week in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The panel of judges consisted of brewers, certified judges, and other qualified professionals who applied for the chance to judge the over 1000 beer entries from over 100 breweries.

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