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Peruvian quinoa + brown rice | sauteed red onions | mushrooms | sauteed spinach | seasoned tomatoes | a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil + lemon juice | choice of herb-roasted vegetables
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430 calories

Vegetarian-Style Quinoa Bowl - Healthy Restaurant Meal at BJ's

The EnLIGHTened Entrees® Menu at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse makes use of delicious nutrient-rich superfoods-and that's exactly what you'll find in the EnLIGHTened Vegetarian-Style Quinoa Bowl! Inspired by popular vegetarian bowls, we start out by combining Peruvian quinoa with brown rice. We then add sauteed onions, sliced mushrooms, sauteed spinach, seasoned tomatoes and herb-roasted vegetables to create a complex, delicious taste. In fact, the combination of flavors is so enticing that we don't even add a heavy sauce; instead, we simply add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice. This bowl is delightful and filling-and it's only 430 calories!

At BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, we pride ourselves on high-quality ingredients. When we make a dish from superfoods, we make sure we get the best. In our Vegetarian-Style Quinoa Bowl, we use Peruvian quinoa from the Andes for authentic flavor and exceptional nutrition. What's more, it's a gluten-free meal, so you can enjoy great flavor without worrying about gluten.

EnLIGHTened Entrees® at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

We understand how frustrating it can be to try to find good low-calorie or vegetarian meals at restaurants. So often, you'll have to settle for a regular dish with lots taken out. We do things differently at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse. Our EnLIGHTened Entrees are designed from scratch, not by removing the good stuff from other meals. After all, it's not taking things out of meals that makes them enLIGHTened-it's putting the right things in. This means that we use nutrient-rich superfoods to craft specially designed meals that are sure to please everyone, even those who don't have dietary restrictions. In addition to being delicious and low in calories, the EnLIGHTened Entrees® at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse also include several vegetarian and gluten-free options. Try one and you'll discover that we don't simply make great low-calorie food: We make great food that happens to be low in calories.

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