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Enlightened Asian Chopped Salad

Enlightened Asian Chopped Salad

Enlightened Asian Chopped Salad

Enlightened Asian Chopped Salad
Grilled chicken | baby field greens | napa cabbage | romaine | red bell peppers | snap peas | green onions | carrots | sesame seeds | crispy wonton strips | cilantro | mandarin oranges | honey ginger dressing
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540 calories

EnLIGHTened Asian Chopped Salad

What do you get when you cross the delicious flavors of Asian food with a healthy, low-calorie philosophy? The EnLIGHTened Asian Chopped Salad from BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse. This salad draws on the delicious flavors found in East Asian cooking, and it exemplifies our dedication to making delicious low-calorie food that's nutrient-rich while being flavor-rich, too!

The combination of baby field greens, napa cabbage and fresh lettuce create a verdant bed, while grilled chicken provides lean protein. Sesame seeds, crisp wonton strips, mandarin oranges and honey ginger dressing add a distinctive Asian taste, which is rounded out by shredded carrots, snap peas, red bell peppers, cilantro and green onions.

The EnLIGHTened Asian Chopped Salad from BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse is yet another reminder that sticking to salad doesn't mean sacrificing flavor or variety. Take a bite and you'll be transported to another world.

Find Your Enlightenment with Healthy Salads at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

At BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, we believe that you should be able to have foods that are low in calories but high in flavor. That's why we're proud of our EnLIGHTened Salads, which use nutrient-rich superfoods in innovative and delicious ways. Eating healthy should never be a chore, so we make sure that every bite is packed with delicious flavor and healthy ingredients.

With EnLIGHTened Salads from BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, it's easy to eat healthy, low-calorie meals without feeling like you're missing out. We take pride in crafting delicious and healthy meals measured not by what we take out, but in the delightful ingredients that we put in. In fact, we think our EnLIGHTened Salads are a great choice even for people who aren't interested in weight-loss-friendly foods! With quality ingredients and a dedication to your taste buds, these salads are sure to be a hit. Check out our other EnLIGHTened options, as well-you'll find burgers, bowls, tacos and more.

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