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Herb-roasted chicken breast | turmeric-roasted cauliflower | mushrooms | garlic | sauteed spinach | toasted almonds | red pepper cream sauce
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750 calories

EnLIGHTened Moroccan Chicken - Healthy Restaurant Meal

With our EnLIGHTened Moroccan Chicken, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse combines the tantalizing flavors of North African cuisine with our signature healthy low-calorie EnLIGHTened style. Our herb-roasted chicken breast is tasty as well as being lean and packed with protein-and that's just the beginning of what makes this meal special. We add turmeric-roasted cauliflower for a pleasantly spirited bite and mushrooms, garlic and sauteed spinach add depth of flavor, while toasted almonds add a nice crunch. We finish everything off with a red pepper cream sauce.

EnLIGHTened Moroccan Chicken is a healthy, low-calorie meal that tastes like it came fresh out of the tajine. It's great for people who are watching their weight, but it's also a solid choice for anyone who wants some delicious North African-inspired cuisine.

Low Calories & Great Taste: EnLIGHTened Entrees® at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

At BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, we know the frustration that comes with trying to eat a lower-calorie diet. So many places seem to think that taking popular dishes and removing their best ingredients is the equivalent of offering low-calorie meals. We see things differently here, and we like to think our view is more EnLIGHTened. That's why we've created our EnLIGHTened Entrees®; they're lighter in calories, but they also represent a different way of thinking: that it's not about taking things out, but about putting the right things in.

When we create our EnLIGHTened Entrees®, we use quality ingredients like nutrient-rich superfoods, lean proteins and delicious vegetables. We strive to be accommodating to a variety of dietary restrictions, so we also offer vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free options. At BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, we believe that eating healthy low-calorie meals should be just as enjoyable as eating anything else. Give our EnLIGHTened menu a try; you might just find a new favorite.

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