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Herb-roasted chicken breasts | Big Poppa Smokers' Desert Gold rub | brown rice | sauteed red onions | fire-roasted red peppers | tomatoes | roasted brussels sprouts | lemon thyme sauce
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630 calories

EnLIGHTened Lemon Thyme Chicken - Healthy Chicken Breast Meal

The health and healing benefits of herbs have been known for thousands of years and so have their delicious flavors and complex aromas! They impart a signature savory flavor to our EnLIGHTened Lemon Thyme Chicken at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse.

A tender breast of chicken is seasoned with Big Poppa Smokers' Desert Gold rub and herb-roasted to develop delicious flavor and color. Then, it's topped with a lemon thyme sauce and served over brown rice with sauteed red onions, tomatoes, fire-roasted red peppers and roasted brussels sprouts. The resulting dish is exquisitely balanced and exceptionally healthy, weighing in at just 630 calories!

Big Poppa Smokers' Desert Gold rub is packed with peppery and citrus notes, which further bring out the herbaceousness in the sauce and the meaty flavor of the all-white-meat chicken. Because, to us, cooking healthy means putting the right things in-not taking things out. This is a downright delicious entree that's also a fantastic option for anyone who wants to make a healthier choice.

BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse: Helping Calorie-Conscious Diners Achieve EnLIGHTenment

Where other restaurants may offer low-calorie options with small portions and bland recipes-or not offer them at all-BJ's wants to prepare a delicious dinner for everyone, even those with dietary restrictions. Whether you suffer from an allergy, eat vegetarian or simply want a little help counting calories, you'll love our EnLIGHTened Entrees® Menu at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse.

That's because we use high-quality, tasty ingredients to craft a meal that's delicious and good for you. Enjoy expertly prepared superfoods, lean proteins, fresh vegetables and more. Our menu features comprehensive ingredient lists and calorie counts. So, no matter what your dietary restriction, you'll find a meal that satisfies your cravings. We look forward to serving you!

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