North Beach Mahi & Shrimp

Oven-roasted mahi-mahi seasoned with Big Poppa Smokers' Desert Gold Rub, sauteed with shrimp, red onions, tomatoes, Kalamata olives and spicy garlic, served over couscous with fresh herbs.


The Craft to Enlightenment

At BJ’s we’ve paid attention to the details since the beginning, and our new EnLIGHTened menu is no exception. We wanted to make the most of fresh, healthy ingredients while still keeping dishes delicious. That’s why we crafted this menu to feature contemporary, health-conscious ingredients such as the superfoods kale and quinoa, but also included classics like chicken and Brussels sprouts. Because we want to offer food for whatever you’re in the mood for. So whether that means savoring some comfort food, or taking comfort in healthier food, we’ve crafted our menu to make sure every moment matters.

Healthy Meets Heavenly

But it goes beyond just healthier food. Because “healthy” can mean different things to different people. And we want every guest to enjoy their time here, including those with special dietary needs. That’s why we’ve crafted something for everyone. So if you’re a calorie counter, a vegetarian, a superfood fanatic, or prefer gluten-free fare, we’ve got something for you. And speaking of gluten-free, we not only offer an entire gluten-free menu, but several of those gluten-free options are also low-calorie entrees and are featured on our EnLIGHTened menu. Take our Fire-Roasted Barbacoa Chicken for instance, we crafted it to feature ingredients like Greek yogurt crema, fire-roasted tomato salsa, and barbacoa-spiced, marinated chicken. We put the time in to find crazy healthy ingredients with the flavor to match, to make sure every bite counts.

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