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BJ's Favorite Pizza

BJ's Favorite Pizza

BJ's Favorite Pizza

BJ's Favorite Pizza
Housemade meatballs | pepperoni | italian sausage | mushrooms | green bell peppers | black olives | onions | seasoned tomatoes
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360 calories/slice, 10 slices/pizza

BJ's Favorite Pizza at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

Our very own spin on the supreme pizza is sure to become your favorite, too! BJ's Favorite Deep Dish Pizza is perfectly topped with housemade meatballs, zesty pepperoni, italian sausage, mushrooms, green bell peppers, black olives, onions and seasoned tomatoes. BJ's Favorite is a combination pizza with something for everyone, making it perfect for sharing. With all those delicious ingredients and complex flavors, you'll appreciate pairing this combo pizza with something light and refreshing to help cleanse your palate. A tall, frosty glass of our BJ's LightSwitch® Lager would be up for the task. Or, bring out the sweetness in the sausage, onions and peppers with a malty beer like BJ's Jeremiah Red®.

There's Something for Everyone at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

From our award-winning craft beers to an extensive menu of entrees, desserts and appetizers to our signature pizzas, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse is favorite destination for pizza, beer and more. We've also got everybody's favorite ice cream cookie dessert, the Pizookie®, while our EnLIGHTened menu provides healthy, delicious options for our health-conscious diners. Best of all, at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, the more you spend with us, the better we reward you! The BJ's Premier Rewards PLUS program lets you earn points each time you dine with us, so you can earn discounts (and free Pizookies®) fast! Sign up for BJ's Premier Rewards PLUS right here on our website, and stop in at your local BJ's today to start earning rewards. We look forward to hosting you again and again!

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