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Sweet Pig® Pizza

Sweet Pig® Pizza

Sweet Pig® Pizza

Sweet Pig® Pizza
Smoked ham | sweet pineapple | seasoned tomatoes
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300 calories/slice, 10 slices/pizza

Sweet Pig® Deep Dish Pizza at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

To those who love to add some sweetness to your savory dishes, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse has the pizza you've been looking for: Sweet Pig® Deep Dish Pizza. It's our own take on the classic Hawaiian pizza, and it's made with the craft and quality you've come to expect from our Deep Dish Pizzas. With its combination of smoked ham, sweet pineapple and seasoned tomatoes, Sweet Pig® has perfectly balanced flavors that would feel right at home at a luau. For a beer that goes well with our Hawaiian-style pizza, try BJ's Harvest Hefeweizen® - we think you'll be impressed. Its fruity, spicy and refreshing notes perfectly complement the taste of the ham and pineapple pizza, accentuating the flavor notes and bringing out even more sweetness. Interested in appetizers? Our Avocado Egg Rolls and Housemade Guacamole and Chips also go well with Sweet Pig® Deep Dish Pizza. Head to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse to experience this special Hawaiian-style pizza.

Why Choose BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse for Pizza?

At BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, we like to say that we were born into pizza. Though we've expanded to offer an incredible variety of food and beverages, BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse started off as a small pizza shop in Southern California. BJ's Deep Dish Pizza is what put us on the map. It's a combination of Chicago-style deep dish and a California focus on ingredients that are innovative and high in quality. Not only have we always stayed true to our roots, but we've continued to hone our craft to make sure our menu has a pizza for everyone to enjoy. From our distinctive handcrafted dough to our top-quality ingredients, we continually strive to make your experience here better. We believe that Craft Matters, and that philosophy is plain to see in the way we approach our pizza. Head to BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse today to experience BJ's Deep Dish Pizza.

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