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Roasted barbacoa cauliflower | roasted red peppers | sweet corn | jack + cheddar cheese | onions | tomatoes | greek yogurt crema | cilantro | chargrilled pita | served with seasonal bistro grains
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800 calories

EnLIGHTened Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos

At BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, we never want to let a healthy diet get in the way of a taco craving. That's why we've created our EnLIGHTened Barbacoa Cauliflower Pita Tacos-a low-calorie vegetarian food that's sure to please. We start with roasted barbacoa cauliflower, perfectly seasoned with mouthwatering spices. Roasted red peppers, corn, onions, tomatoes and cilantro add extra crunch and flavor. We place it all in a chargrilled pita, then finish it off by adding jack and cheddar cheese and greek yogurt crema for an extra creamy taste. You'll even get seasonal bistro grains on the side.

This meal is a beautiful fusion of traditional taco sensibilities with Mediterranean-inspired flavors. It's mouth-wateringly delicious and filling, while still having only 690 calories.

EnLIGHTened Entrees® Menu at BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse

At BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse, we make sure that all of our EnLIGHTened Entrees® Menu are as delicious as everything else we make. We strongly believe that, whatever your dietary needs are, you deserve a meal that's just as good as anything else on the menu. In our food philosophy, enLIGHTenment isn't about taking things out of food; rather, it's about putting the right things in-like nutrient-rich superfoods, lean proteins and tasty vegetables. That's why our EnLIGHTened Entrees® Menu is filled with items that have been built from scratch to be big hits with everyone-not just people who have dietary restrictions.

Our EnLIGHTened Entrees® are all great low-calorie choices and many of them are vegetarian (like this one). We even have gluten-free options. Your diet should never get in the way of enjoying a great meal and that's what BJ's Restaurant & Brewhouse provides with our EnLIGHTened Entrees®. Come give us a visit and try something that's both low in calories and high in flavor; you might just discover your new favorite dish.

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